Editors Choice is given for a product which distinguishes itself at all points, and has almost no negative aspects. It's also the highest award possible at Hardware-Test, which means it has our best recommendations.

Unique Product is given for a product introducing a brand new technology, and exceeds all other products. The product will usually have one or more negative aspects which prevent it from getting our ultimate award: Editors Choice Award. The product is still very recommendable though.

Excellent Product goes to a product which remarks itself at many points, but might lack at others, which keeps it from receiving our ultimate award, Editors Choice. The product is recommendable.

Safe Buy is given for a product with some good qualities, but might have just as many negative parts, without being a bad product in any way. The price of the product usually makes up for the negative parts, and leaves the product as a Safe buy.

Best Buy is only given in a roundup, where we compare similar products. The product which receives this award, will usually be a product with a low cost and a high performance, although it might not be the best performing product in the test. The price and performance altogether makes a Best buy, and a recommendable product.

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